Peter Cockcroft

I am an experienced (some would say 'old') guy who currently lives in Indonesia and Singapore.

I have spent most of my life away from my Australian birth place (for example, I had travelled through the Suez and Panama Canals before I was in high school). I have lived in exciting times, in exciting countries, doing exciting things - predominantly developing resource projects around the world for the past forty years.

Nowadays, I am more of an "advisor", rather than a "doer", so if you need help identifying and assessing the risks and uncertainties of your projects or negotiating with host governments - call me.

PC 2017


In the International Energy and Resources Sector


Held executive positions with BHP, Shell, Premier Oil, Fletcher Challenge Petroleum, amongst others.

I also worked with the National Oil Companies of Indonesia (PERTAMINA) and Korea (KNOC), was Energy Advisor to the President of Timor-Leste for five years, a Visiting Research Fellow for the Institute of South East Asian Studies (2004-2007), has advised the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), and was on the board of Advisers of Proteus Energy, a company specialising in marginal field developments in California, from 2007 until 2013.

I was a founder Director of Kuwait Energy Corporation, one of the leading Middle Eastern private oil companies, as well as a Board Director of other public companies in Australia, Indonesia, India, and United States, and appointed Chairman of the board in four of these companies.


I was initialy trained as a geologist at the University of Sydney (1973), and received  further certification in drilling from the University of Texas, and business from Edinburgh Business School, and held technical positions from development geologist to operations Manager.

I have  published in excess of 30 technical papers, and in 2004 was a Distinguished Lecturer (on Risk and uncertainty) for the Society of Petroleum Engineers. I also have presented technical courses around the world in petroleum geology, marginal field development, reserves, and various commercial topics. I was a member of the SPE/WPC Reserves Committee 1992-1997.

I am a Certified Petroleum Geologist (#5859) with the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, a Life Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a Life Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, a Life Member of the South East Asian Petroleum Exploration Society, and a Certified Risk Analyst (American Academy of Financial Management).


I started my commercial experience as an analyst for PERTAMINA on the initial LNG contracts to Korea in the early 1980s, was in charge of three different domestic gas agreements in Indonesia, had responsibility for two corporate turnarounds (converting debt-to-equity) for public companies, and gas developments in Pakistan and Myanmar, as well as numerous international farmin agreements.

In 1998, I initiated the success of the Bayu-Undan LNG project, as a result of my relationship with the first President of Timor-Leste, Xanana Gusmao.

In 2014, I was a lecturer for the MBA Negotiation module at Edinburgh Business School, and I have taught training courses in negotiation, oil and gas reserves estimation, project economics and risk management, for both power and oil/gas sectors.


I have been in charge of operational offices (as Country President) in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, France and Singapore.

Also, I have held had fiscal responsibility for 11 oilfield rejuvenation projects, nine new oil and gas field developments, and have run E and P operations in Thailand, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Australia and France, in both conventional and unconventional oil and gas projects.

In my role as a Board Director (in publicly listed companies)  since 2005 I have overseen exploration and production projects in West Africa, Yemen, Australia, Indonesia,  Europe; producing fields in California, Sharjah, France, China, India, Egypt, Iraq, Ukraine and Russia; unconventional projects in Australia, China, France and USA.

As President of Energy Equity (Asia) Pty. Ltd, I developed the first combined gas/power project in Asia (Sengkang, South Sulawesi).