My Current Projects


In the international oil and gas sector, we learn about risk and uncertainty at an early age - for example, an exploration well that has 20% chance of success (in other words, 80% chance of failure) is thought to be a good opportunity.

I have lectured and taught the subject of risk and its management in over 20 countries during the past 25 years, and currently concentrate on risk identification and assessment for company boards and investors, particularly in developing countries where geopolitical and country risk is important.

I am currently writing a practitioner's book on "Risk Management for Entrepreneurs", as well as another on "Risk Identification for International Power Projects".


In the international energy and resource sector, negotiation is a day-to-day activity, but surprisingly is not taught at most universities. I attended negotiation courses at INSEAD, Edinburgh Business School, Harvard, Thunderbird, the Chester Karrass Institute in order to better understand the subject. In international negotiations and deal-making we normally have multiple parties, with multiple (often unquantifiable) issues, with many stakeholders and different cultures - and most of the negotiations are held outside the conference room!

I teach a popular 1-2 day seminar/workshop on "Negotiating with Governments", mostly drawing upon my own experiences over the past forty years with appropriate case studies.


  • Advising on policy for various Government departments in South East Asia
  • Short course and online training in:
    • Risk Management
    • Risk Management for Power projects
    • Risk for Entrepreneurs
    • Negotiating with Governments
    • Oil and Gas Reserves
  • A director of an asset sales portal, "matchmaking" asset owners with potential investors (www.e-asianresources.com)
  • Advising on Media handling for politicians
  • Together with a colleague, Dr. David Waghorn, assist energy companies with preparing and managing data rooms. We slso provide training on "farmins" and "farmouts", with a user manual (soon to be an e-book)