About Peter.

Peter Cockcroft brings over forty years of international experience as an executive in the energy and resources sector. His illustrious career spans board and chairman positions across six different countries, where he has advised three Presidents and numerous Ministers on resource management and risk communication.

Professional Background.

Peter's career includes executive roles with Fortune 100 companies, as well as engagements with various state-owned enterprises. His diverse experiences have equipped him with a deep understanding of global energy dynamics and strategic leadership.

Focus on Energy Transition.

In recent years, Peter has dedicated his expertise to the energy transition and the journey towards achieving net-zero emissions. Leveraging his extensive background, he is committed to driving sustainability and resilience in the face of evolving challenges.

Author and Thought Leader.

Peter is also an accomplished author, with recent publications focusing on ESG Reporting, Carbon Management, and Sustainability. His insights and thought leadership contribute significantly to the discourse on sustainable practices and corporate responsibility.

Explore Peter's Full CV.

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